Yammer, Budjana Release Album Hasta Karma In America

Yammer, Budjana Release Album Hasta Karma In America

Top Indonesian musicians guitarists bands teeth, Budjana, rumored to have recently released a new album that was recorded live in New York. Bertajug HASTA KARMA.
The reason this album Budjana in a foreign country is the curiosity to see the response of an outsider about his music. It turns out that he got any response.
“Why I am recording abroad? Because I want to be their gitar murah response, they assume these songs sung to a simple, but sometimes they also considered difficult because of the different instruments, “said God.
The album entitled HASTA KARMA this promised to be different from the music ever made. This time the deity does not involve anyone else in making this album. HASTA KARMA itself has the meaning which is quite deep, it was eight Cubits, while it was karma doings, so this album is the eighth work of the musician named complete I Gede Budjana.
“Hasta was 8, karma is, so this is my eighth deeds. I just clear thinkers main music wrote, the music is different from the pipeline execution, suppose the song 11 jan, it’s his musical involvement rame rame, kalo ini kan I made myself, “connect the gods.
The father of two children was also said, on the album this time around he has exceeded ekspetasinya towards music. “I just think make music wrote, I pikirin gimana recordings next month, so I ekspetasi exceeding udah aja,” pungkasnya.

“The CD album is already … ready to order, ready to be enjoyed … but wait for the release date of the first (first release) on March 7 in the town of sequentially (Jakarta, Lampung, Bandung, Purwokerto, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Denpasar) with meet n greet with JPI in each city. Wait for more info to the release date and the name of his store Yes “write the JPI on oficial fanpage.

Not only that Ivan would also prepare a gift exclusive create CD buyers “Iam Jon Paul Ivan” lucky wins the lottery, namely in the form of a guitar exclusive custom JPI.

“you guys want oya Lottery may 1 guitar JPI custom exclusive? Have to buy his first CD huh. “wrote JPI.

But unfortunately about the place and date of the new album party launcing JPI still at confidential

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