While Hugging A Cow Made Therapy So That Someone More Relaxed

While Hugging A Cow Made Therapy So That Someone More Relaxed

For some people, cuddling pets such as cats or dogs can only give rise to a sense of calm, even for a moment. However, what if the cow is adopted and embraced with this cow sessions as therapy?

Yes, that’s what a woman 25 years in Tenniken, Switzerland named Sibylle Zwygart. The idea of making the therapy embraced these cows appear when father Sibylle was unable to capitalize on the third sapinya to the business which he run. Finally, Sibylle took over three cows that were given the name Svea, Sven and Svenja it.

First of all, Sibylle open dairy farms to visit children. There, children can learn about and interact with the animals. According to Sibylle, which he did because currently many children don’t know where the milk comes and with this activity, children are expected to be closer to the field of agriculture.

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“Children can come and feed the cows and cows that wandered. Well, then, I made the session embraced with a cow as a form of therapy. This idea arose after I read these practices already applied in the Netherlands so that quieter people with a busy lifestyle, “said Sibylle to BZ Basel.

According to Sibylle, the cow is one of a suitable animal to cuddle Recalling beef is a calm animal. Moreover, a peaceful disposition is deemed Sibylle can help a person more relaxed.

“These cows hugging therapy session begins with a brief theory where visitors learn about the animals. Then visitors can plumping and clean them so that formed the closeness between the two. After that, that visitors can hug a cow for two hours, “said Sibylle.

Buure TV, reported rates for this cow cuddle therapeutic around Rp 650 thousand. Unfortunately, recently there were 10 interested visitors with this therapy. However, until now Sibylle still run his efforts and sometimes she need help.

Responding to this, animal behavior expert Mario Becker says the cow is not a suitable animal to cuddle. Although, he does not deny if cows tend to be quiet and happy with body contact. So, cows can be trained to be accustomed to be embraced.

“But in principle, when it’s close to a cow, you must be careful. Avoid doing sudden movement and fast because it could make the cows are scared and do something dangerous, “said Becker.

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