Understanding the conditions that Make Kim Kardashian Prohibited pregnant again

Understanding the conditions that Make Kim Kardashian Prohibited pregnant again

After the North and Saint, couples socialite Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in fact want to have any more children. But the latest report calling Kim prohibited pregnant again by the doctor.

According to US Weekly, this ban comes as Kim is rumored to have experienced preeklampsia complication of high blood pressure during pregnancy.

In another article in the NY Daily News also called Kim to be ‘ closed shops ‘ due to her pregnancy would be very risky. Moreover, the two previous pregnancies have been quite damaging to the body.

This fact also told Kim in full via the official website,. Preeklampsia experienced Kim when it contains North or Saint. But thanks to the guidance of the doctor, Kim successfully gave birth to two healthy and happy.
The conditions experienced by Kim proved that preeklampsia that occurs in pregnancy can be repeated again. As with any articulated Dr. Gumilar Erza, SpOG Khanisyah of the PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL Dr. Sutomo Surabaya.

History of preeklampsia on a previous pregnancy is one of the risks of the occurrence of preeklampsia in the next pregnancy.

“This means the risk persists, alias could happen again,” said Dr. Erza to detikHealth some time ago.

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In General, the preeklampsia usually occurs in the first pregnancy, primarily at the gestational age of 20 weeks. Blood pressure which then triggers a preeklampsia is more than 140/90 mmHg.

Dr. Erza adds, there are three main symptoms that appear as preeklampsia indicators, namely hypertension, increased protein in the urine and swelling of the legs. But Dr. Erza says, the three main symptoms is now not merely appeared on a mother with preeklampsia.

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It’s just that in the case of Kim, he claimed to experience swelling in the feet, a very bad stomach cramps every time. “My blood pressure was also slightly higher, and there is protein in my urine. Both are indications of preeklampsia, “he said in the promo clip of Keeping Up with The Kardashians some time ago.

In fact, Kim chose to obey the suggestion of his doctor. “If two doctors who I trust tells me not to get pregnant again, I’ll listen to it,” he said.

His plan, he will ask one of the sisters, whether it’s Khloe or Kourtney for being a surrogate mother for prospective third child or adopt one child again.

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