Tips on Shopping Frugally Atiqah Hasiholan the meticulous and ala

Woman and shopping is two things are almost inseparable. Shopping stress reliever so even for some women. As a celebrity is certainly not difficult to issue budget shopping considering their income large enough even to shop for branded goods. But apparently this is not true for Atiqah Hasiholan. Offered by the railway (12/10), he was willing to reveal promo giant style.

Atiqah reveals that he is not the type of woman who likes to spend money when shopping. If most women usually do not stand the temptation of discounted or sale scattered in shopping malls, Atiqah thus able to hold back Ladies. Atiqah is not the type who likes to hungry eyes and more give precedence to his needs.

“I’m shopping according to needs. For example buy kayaking bags, I can select which combined contrasted what I wear. I need shopping wrote “he said.

Atiqah also claimed that he is not a woman who neko-neko. While it is indeed always manage to look beautiful and stunning but she is not the woman who crazy shopping. He is also quite picky and wise in buying something. Atiqah always buying goods that have a basic model so easily subject to various events.

“I like the color of the bag to buy basic kayaking black, white, Brown. So fitting is used for the fashion show with a party or casual, can balance, “he said.

Atiqah ever claimed that he had no special budget each month. He just needed something while shopping. Well, it turns out that’s not the type of extravagant Atiqah ya Ladies. Salut deh, if a type female Ladies ‘ own hobby shopping or save money and voters anyway?

Research Brigham Young University shows that women who wear high heels when shopping turns tend to make decisions more wisely and can suppress spending in a balanced way.

Women who wear high heels shoes will tend to choose the products that are in the middle range of their budget. This lady will select the appropriate financial items than buying an expensive item. This is because when someone wears heels they are attempting to maintain their physical balance. This indirectly makes them issue a decision which is also balanced.

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