Tesla Manaf, Jazz Guitarist From Bandung A Worldwide

Tesla Manaf, Jazz Guitarist From Bandung A Worldwide

Tesla Manaf is known as one of the guitarists of bandung which ought to be in acungin of thumb today. A lot of achievements and outstanding works that are born from the hands of the 27 year old man. Although born and raised from a family of musicians, but the influence of the music thus he got from his father who was fond of collecting air-music genre progressive rock in the 1960s-1970s, like Gentle Giant Mahavisnu Orchestra, Emerson, Lake Palmer (ELP) &, and Soft Machine.

At first he wasn’t so enjoy the music, but as time went on, interest in Tesla began to grow. He often mencuri-curi heard the song while his father not at home. Starting from the attraction, Tesla started memelajari music at the age of nine. He chose to study classical guitar at a training institution by Japan for ten years. The reason for choosing the guitar because toko gitar he often saw her play the instrument.

Learning classical guitar music, especially, brings its own kekhusyukan for Tesla. He was even willing to spend his spare time to keep practicing and practicing. Sometimes I was so khusyuknya, every day he could spend nine hours of exercise to leave his job as a student. This is of course not without a cause. In classical music needed perfection of technique and interpretation in work or play a song.

However, that does not mean she is entered in the ranks of troubled students in terms of academic. Tesla who likes history and language of the United Kingdom is even included in core classes. Their earnestness in practicing the guitar also bear fruit sweet. He was awarded the national music competition.

In order to study higher, Tesla studied at the Faculty of social and Political Sciences at one of the universities in Bandung. That’s when he joined a community of music called Classical Cabaret that often gather in small bookstores.

From a friend in clubs here’s he began to come into contact with new music in addition to the classic. Tesla also recommended by a friend to study at Venche Music School, a music school in Bandung orphanage Venche M, a jazz musician. A sense of shock and panasaran arise when her memelajari jazz. “The difference is really the same classical music, here I am required to more thinkers and improvise,” said Tesla. It encouraged him to learn more enterprising.

The trip’s musical Tesla not only traversed by learning course, it is also converting its ability in the form of the composition of harmonious tones. In doing so, he must get some stimulants, such as ‘ broken heart ‘. May not be heart broken in the real sense, but rather a sense of disappointment himself against an event that is on him.

In addition to creating his own songs, he recorded the compositions he gubah in a recording that he produseri himself. He also collaborated with some colleagues. Its results are published via the indie. One example is the joint collaboration album Grace Sahertian, titled GraceTesla (2010). The album was sold out and entered the WartaJazz review, a special online media contains news stories that deal with the jazz.
Over time, Tesla berjalannnya feel that jazz can no longer accommodate its expression in music. He tried to move to the world music genre (covering a wide range of different styles of music from all cultures of the world, red). In 2011, he then went back album spawned a collaboration with Mahagotra Ganesha, it’s All Yours.

That same year, he also launched the album entitled Dig This, collaboration with Ivan who was a pianist. And in 2014, he also released the album It’s All Yours. Uniquely, almost all of the album he ever made was recorded with a portable recorder that can be carried everywhere.

Fifth Studio album by Tesla, A man’s Relationship With His Fragile areas (2014), indie but not produced under a label called MoonJune Records, based in New York City. The label is home to some of the musicians like Indonesia Budjana and Popularity. On this album, feels experimental scent once from Tesla.

He tried to mengeksplorasikan tones, harmonies, vocals, and sounds in a composition as well as producing many dynamic nan surprises that bring up ‘ plays ‘ in each of his. But for those of us who live in Indonesia, appears to have to be patient a little bit because this album for a while yet for sale in the country.
In addition, Tesla also often gain invitations live perforemonce. NgayogJazz held in 2011 is one of a very memorable event for him. He could feel the emotion and the atmosphere is so terrible, given by the audience.

Like a quote that mentions: “Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the min

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