Sprint Swim Tips According To James Gibson

When we’re looking for tips on swimming sprint for Hubs we thought we would ask former 50 m breaststroke world champion James Gibson to share some of his secrets. So here there are six steps sprint is lightning-fast.

Tips 1. Less Is More

In preparation for the big competition, make sure you taper. Drop-down kontraktor pembuat kolam renang distance set and session-you can even try cutting one of your session if you swim several times a week. Not a set of 100, switched to 75s or 50s, focuses on a sharp short bursts of speed.

Tip 2. The Bigger The Better

Make yourself stronger in the gym. This is more of a long-term plan, not in a couple of weeks before the competition because you do not want to be a strained muscle ahead of the big day.

For the sprint events, focus on your core muscles (this exercise is a good start) and arms and shoulders (try this exercise gym).

Tips 3. Slow Down Every Breath You Take

Breathe, but do it as little as possible. Every time you take a breath, especially in the freestyle race, will cost you precious milliseconds that can be used in powering through the water.

Practice your ability to hold your breath during the maximal efforts to swim. Also, take a few deep breaths before the race to help oxygenate the blood.

Tips 4. You Can Run

In truth, a little mistake in your technique will be very expensive for the overall performance because of the short races. It is usually the most efficient swimmer with the best technique will touch the wall first.

You drop your legs? How to recovery your arm? In the sprint race, even the smallest tweaks to techniques you can knock the precious tenths of your time.

Tip 5. Get Pumped

Psychology itself up, felt a rush of energy and by the pool, be nervous and excited, and ready to swim like you’re being chased by a pack of hungry piranhas.

You’re about to leave everything in the pool without remorse and you want your fast-twitch muscle fibers to answer the call.

Tips 6. Nutrition, Nutrition

The recovery of the muscles is very important in leading up to the competition so it makes sense with your diet. Eating a mixture of protein and carbs after a workout/pool sessions then do not mix up things too much around the competition.

No need to go overboard with the pasta the night before. Just eat something familiar and keep your blood sugar levels stable.

The morning of the competition, eat something easy to digest and give yourself plenty of time to get up before the race

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