New building in France would be Roofed plants or solar panels

New building in France would be Roofed plants or solar panels

A new rule has been passed by the Parliament of France. Now, all new buildings within the commercial zones in the country would have to cover the roof with plants or solar panels. However, the environmental aktivitis demanded that the regulations actually France enacted for all types of new buildings. The Government of France then convinced them to restrict regulations for commercial buildings.

This rule also does not force the old buildings that already exist to cover part of its roof with plants or solar panels. However, this rule is itself a advancement for France who had been left behind from other European countries, such as Germany, Italy, or Spain in terms of the development of solar power. Not only Europe that cares for the environment, the city of Toronto, Canada in 2009 also requires industrial building or residence should have a green roof. So any with Sydney, Australia who has proposed initiatives to implement more roof with plants.

The presence of solar panels in the roof or plants can tukang taman minimalis indeed bring many benefits. Solar panels could provide electrical power is needed so as to save expenditure. While green roofs not only gives an attractive appearance to the building, but also other benefits such as the existence of an effect of isolation which makes the reduced the energy needed to heat or cool the building upon with the season underway. The plant can also act as a filter and reduce air pollution. The birds also have a place for resting at once gave access for citizens to enjoy the scenery of green in the middle of the city.

Trees and greenery in addition to making home becomes cool, can give you inner balance to its inhabitants. “Plants can have an impact on the health and improve morale. Each week put fresh flowers in your House, this could help the circulation of energy in the House Sally Fretwell clear. “in her book of Feng Shui: Back to Balance (2002).

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