How To Deal With Prickly Heat In The Newborn

The skin is the outermost part of the body in direct contact with the surrounding circumstances, dust, temperature and all the connections in the environment. The environment spreads a lot of dust and diseases that carry bad bacteria that can then stick to the skin and then enter into the body.

One of the familiar skin problems is prickly baby sweat. Who usually experience many skin problems are not just adolescents and adults, but babies also have skin problems. Sweat skin problem is the skin problem most often encountered by newborns. For young mothers and newly born once would be very worried about prickly heat experienced by the baby. When in fact the prickly temperature of the baby can quickly disappear and be eliminated. For that, the tips for young mothers should find a lot of info about prevention prickly heat on the baby.

Close up of Hispanic newborn baby sleeping

Understanding and Symptoms of Sweat Pill

Biang sweat itself means is one of the skin disorders caused by inhibition of sweat. Sweat which is the rest of body excretion cannot get out through the pores of the skin due to clogged.

Symptoms that usually arise when prickly sweat is coming is the itching and pain of the skin. Then followed by small reddish spots. The spots are tiny bubbles filled with water. That’s the sweat water that can not get out.

If passed, the spots will cause swelling. Babies will be hard to keep quiet from crying. Usually, prickly sweat is present in certain parts of the body only, such as in the chest, back, waist, armpits, neck, cheeks, and in the groin.

The three types of prickly heat that we need to know are Miliaria Kristalina (which is on the top of the skin), Miliaria Rubra (the center of the skin layer) and Miliaria Profunda (part of the skin).

Causes of Sweat Chests In Babies and How to Overcome Them

The usual sweating punctured by a baby in the first week after birth. Usually, this prickly sweat occurs because baby skin cells are still not perfect so that the sweat glands become clogged. Also, prickly heat in this baby also arises because the surrounding environment is hot and humid.

Bayipun have been actively moving so this will spend a lot of sweat. Though the skin cells are not perfect for excretion. This baby sweat can happen for weeks and will disappear by itself.
How to deal with prickly heat in newborns

This baby sweat can be overcome, and the way to overcome that is by doing a light treatment such as:

Avoid the baby scratching it

Putting on clothes that are comfortable for babies, cotton fabrics are right fabrics to wear.

Apply baby lotion

  • Bathing the baby two times a day with a special soap baby, soap will be better
  • Keep baby clean
  • Do not use drugs prickly heat for adult because baby skin is still very sensitive
  • Put on baby powder after wiping the sweat of the baby because if wiping sweat with powder it will cause bacteria that develop and aggravate prickly heat
  • Nice baby room circulation by adjusting the temperature of the room
  • Dab a baby’s sweat with a damp cloth
  • Keep your baby’s body dry

How to deal with prickly heat in newborns is not difficult. This requires patience and patience from the mother. Because the baby still very needs help mother to care for prickly heat.

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