Easy and Powerful Ways to Prevent Kidney Stone Formation

Kidney stones are one of the diseases that often suffered by people who live in the tropics one of them is Indonesia. Usually the initial symptoms of someone developing kidney stones is the presence of pain in the waist and then spread to the lower abdomen and sometimes the pain also can feel the crotch area. Not only that, usually people with kidney stones will also experience nausea, fever, loss of appetite and will feel pain when urinating or bloody.
how to prevent kidney stones naturally and traditional
Terrible is not it? yes, kidney stones are very painful especially when you’re acting up then the pain of kidney stones is excruciating. In fact, according to experts, if a kidney stone is not removed quickly then over time the stones that are in your kidneys will be getting bigger and organ damage your kidneys.

Now, therefore before you suffer from this disease, it helps us to prevent it before regret later. Any preventive measures so that we avoid kidney stones? please see the tips below

How to Prevent Kidney Stones For Men and Women

1. Consumption Enough Water The
first step you should do to avoid kidney stones is always sufficient fluid intake in the body is by eating at least 1-2 liters of water a day. Even with a lot of drinking will make you urinate frequently, it is not a problem and it is very nice to dirt and toxins do not accumulate in the kidneys and can be discarded along with the urine. Well, for active workers and often perspire then do not wait for the new thirsty you drink but drink before thirst to keep the body healthy and you avoid kidney stones

2. Reduce consumption of calcium and salt
There is no harm if you eat foods containing high calcium and salt since the body also needs calcium and salt. All you have to do is reduce the intake because if too much consuming it can cause kidney stones in your body.

3. Reduce Eating Foods High Purin
Are you a fan of offal or red meat? if yes then from now should reduce the consumption of foods such as organ meats and red meats have high purine content so that when consumed in excessive amounts can lead to the formation of kidney stones in the body. So, should you consume healthy and balanced diet so that your body is always healthy and protected from various diseases.

4. Avoid Supplements Vitamin C
Supplements Vitamin C is believed to strengthen my immune system so it’s no wonder that many people who frequently consume vitamin C supplements every day. But you know too frequently consume vitamin C supplements can cause the formation of oxalate in the body, now a high oxalate content in the body can trigger the formation of kidney stones. So, therefore vitamin C supplements and if you want to get vitamin C then you should only consume oranges for vitamin C is more natural than vitamin C supplements are sold in the market.

5. Berolaharaga
Well last tips to avoid kidney stones is by exercising. Do not be lazy to exercise because this is the easiest way and the cost as well as fun for preventing various diseases in the body.

That is the way to prevent kidney stones that are not easily build up in your body. How, is not it? is not it better to prevent than to treat, because when they are affected by this disease the treatment is not a little let alone to have to do surgery.

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