Commemorate The Day National Pigeon Batik Launches Milk Bottle Beautiful Batik Motif

Commemorate The Day National Pigeon Batik Launches Milk Bottle Beautiful Batik Motif

Realizing the importance of exclusive BREAST MILK for infants, Pigeon contributing so that the baby is still getting the BREAST MILK and can suckle naturally, even if the mother cannot give BREAST MILK directly to her baby, for example, while it is working. And this year, to coincide with the National day of Batik, Pigeon launches design batik patterned bottles.

“We are adding products batik design Pigeon, because as an international brand, Pigeon care about the local culture by introducing early on,” Said Anis Dwinastiti, General Manager of Marketing Division.

Pigeon not only issuing products batik patterned bottles, but also to educate about the philosophy of the four motifs that are launched. Gurdo philosophy means a trust given to making hope a reality. Peony motifs depict loyalty and love, chrysanthemum motif as a symbol of love, while the Swirl is the future of the plant, which means as a life that is always growing.

The spirit of Pigeon in addition to popularize batik, also in line with the spirit of the World Alliance for Breastfeeding that 2015 is the theme of the campaign “breastfeeding and Work.” This campaign aims to promosi alfamart support women who are working can still give BREAST MILK exclusively to her baby. Based on surveys of the Central Bureau of statistics (BPS) 2014, the number of female labor force Indonesia continues to increase each year. Now, 94 percent of the population in between working, 38 percent are female workers with a total of 43.3 million. “We are aware of the large number of women working, particularly in big cities, so that under certain conditions can not give her BREAST MILK directly. Then the Pigeon is committed to perform a series of research to develop one of the tools that can be used to provide BREAST MILK if the mother cannot give BREAST MILK directly into her baby, so that the baby can drink BREAST MILK naturally “said Anis.

Bottle products batik patterned from Pigeon guaranteed its security because it uses ink Food Contact Grade. In addition, this product has gone through various studies in the research center of Pigeon “Joso Laboratory” of Japan. This study involves experts from various universities in Japan, which continued to design a baby breastfeeding dot so naturally and still get BREAST MILK even though mother was working and not able to provide BREAST MILK directly to her baby.

More than 50 years, Pigeon continued to develop research on the development of the baby’s mouth and jaw as well as consistently continues to study the “sucking behavior in infants”. In addition to getting a quality product, the public can also participate in CSR programs Pigeon which give a part of the proceeds to finance its batik patterned bottle cleft lip surgeries to toddlers-toddler lucky through Foundation Grants Children Sekar Mlatti.

Come on mother, complete collection of milk bottles at home with a bottle of the latest motifs of the Pigeon. And, don’t forget to still give BREAST MILK exclusively for the little Yes.

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