Waterfall Talempong Situbondo tourism destination new

Waterfall Talempong Situbondo tourism destination new

Talempong waterfall in the village of Talempong, Situbondo, East Java, to become a new tourist destination on holiday weekends the local community as well as outside the region.

“The falls in district Banyuglugur Talempong, that are familiar to most people whose main community Situbondo due to be one of the natural attractions that exist in the Western region,” said the head of Tourism, youth, and sports (Disparpora) Government of Situbondo, Situbondo, Basuki in weeks.

He suggested attractions Waterfalls Talempong is still quite naturally and therefore the County Government will continue to promote the natural waterfall.

In the fiscal year 2018, he said, Tourism will have budgeted development attractions waterfalls, such as providing support facilities around the waterfall.

Some of the facilities need to be built, he continued, among them resting place along the road towards the village tourist sites that visitors can enjoy the natural scenery and other supporting means on site tour.

“For this year we (District) is still the focus of doing the development of Reservoir tourism objects in Bajulmati, district Banyuputih and sights a Tampora Beach also exists in Banyuglugur Subdistrict,” he said.

Meanwhile, one of the local tourist visitors Situbondo, Irwan, says that in developing nature tourism there has to be a priority because the measures of improvement of local Government must be done progressively.

According to him, tour of waterfalls in the area west of Situbondo that its potential is great, so local governments are expected to take immediate concrete steps the main tourist promotion and development of the road infrastructure.

“In the promotion of tourism is indeed not just the task of the Government, but will require compactness and the support of various elements and local governments should play a role in providing support facilities,” he said.