Old Home Renovation-Saving Tricks

Welcome the new year 2016 year 2017, you may plan to stay in a new residence. For example, by buying a new home, or doesn’t hurt also by buying a House and renovating it a 14.

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Remodel home certainly does require preparation that is cooked. Let’s just say starting from the concept design up to the magnitude of these costs. The more space you wish to renovate, surely there will be a huge cost that you should provide.

Well if the funds you’ve got somewhat mediocre, you can outsmart the process site renovations became more simple. As a guide, then check out some tips from Rumah.com here!

Interior Furniture Update

The old houses are generally filled by old furniture impressed boring. Generally it is experienced by those who buy home 14 that contains some heavy furniture. For mengakalinya, you have two choices: buy a new one, or to repair old furniture.

If the choice is buy new, then select furnishing modern style for rumah murah di solo  your interior supports to make it look fresh. Starting from adding cushion sofa, pop art paintings or rugs with new textures and bold colors.

While if you want to fix old furniture, you can paint the back of the Cabinet, nakas, kitchen set, or another piece of furniture allows for in cat. With a limited cost, you can give a different impression on the room.

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Replace The Floor

This is an optional choice, despite the drastic impact on giving old house you. Lately new housing choose homogenous tile or granite to coat the floor. In addition to the material that is durable, it looks more fresh and makes you happy to linger long in the home.

Renovating The Walls

The renovation of the display wall can be done in two ways, paint or wallpaper stick. But both of these ways can trim the budget is big enough. As an alternative You can imitate the style of industrial finishing the exposed brick walls or simply in aci course.

If creative, you can even decorate the walls with hand creations. For example, attach the pulp newsprint to make the texture of the wall arises before in the paint, or paint the sides of the walls with pop art or abstract images.

This way can conjure up your old home into a photo spot instagram-able.

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Replace the function spaces

Generally older houses have the floor plan of the space Division is not effective. For example such a broad living room, while the bedroom is very narrow. So is the kitchen which is very long.

Well, you could menyiasatinya with the addition of a gap in the room that is considered too broad. Or switch function. For example most of the kitchen was merged with the room, while the other half of the living room was made into the garage.

Thorough preparation

About six months before the scheduled renovation, start to draw the design you want. Do some research and consult with a lot of friends or even a design expert. After the design is mature enough, find a builder or contractor reference according to your needs and your budget.

Three months later, then you do a survey to the stores building. If there are some materials that are too expensive, try searching for other alternatives. Do not forget to contact the contractor to discuss Your remodeling plans.

Two months before the renovation, start buying the materials. At times, a reservation of materials specially handmade takes quite a long time.

One month ahead of target, the space will be renovated must begin to be addressed. Remove the goods so that they cannot interfere with or damaged. So, you can’t go wrong with a schedule were beset by-wrong time of the day.

Simulation Calculation Of Tax To Buy New Homes

Simulation Calculation Of Tax To Buy New Homes

By the turn of the year, there are a handful of people who are targeting a new home as a mandatory resolution 2017 is reached. The reasoning could be because don’t want to continuously live in the rented house, or a new home might want to number of bedrooms more.

If buying a home is a second time, surely you’ve been quite familiar with the applicable procedure from A to z. but how when this first time experience?

For the first time buyer, purchasing a new home the reality is jual rumah solo  not as easy as turn the Palm of the hand. In addition to price and proof of legality are accurate, you are also required to closely in taxation. Why is this so?

Taxes and cost of magnitude indeed must be researched appropriately so that they cannot backfire on the other day. To guide you in buying property, tax affairs following Rumah.com show simulasinya.

Calculation Of Quantity BPHTB

Someone bought a house in Jakarta with a land area of 200m2 and building area of 100m2. Based on NJOP, land price of Rp 700,000 per m2 and building value Rp 600,000 per m2. How many magnitudes a BPHTB must be issued by the home buyers?

* Land price: 700,000 Usd x 200m2 = Rp 140.000.000

* Price: 100m2 x Rp 600,000 = Rp 60,000,000 +

* The amount of the purchase price of the home: = Rp 200 million

* Taxable * Value) = Usd 60,000,000 –

* The value for calculating BPHTB = Rp 140.000.000

* BPHTB to be paid

5%: 5% x Rp 140.000.000 = Rp 7,000,000

Calculation Of The Magnitude Of The UN

A House with 100m2 building standing on land 200m2. For example, based on NJOP (tax object value) land price of Rp 700,000 per m2 and building value Rp 600,000 per m2. How the UN quantity that must be paid by the owner of the House?

* Land price: 700,000 Usd x 200m2 = Rp 140.000.000

* Price: 100m2 x Rp 600,000 = Rp 60,000,000 +

* NJOP as the basis for the imposition of UN = Usd 200 million

* NJOP Taxable = Rp 12,000,000

* For the counting NJOP UN = 188.000.000 Idr

NJKP (Taxable Sale Value): 20% x Rp 188.000.000

= 37.600.000 Idr

The Earth and building tax owed:

0.5% x Rp 37.600.000 Rp = large

* Factor Reduction/Stimulus = Rp 15.000 –

UN PAYABLE = Rp 173.000

Calculation Of The Magnitude Of VAT

Value added tax (VAT) on sale of the property charged against the sale of the building either House, apartment, condominium or other types. VAT will be charged to the buyer, charged by the seller with the note seller is a Taxable Entrepreneur.

The imposition of VAT is the actual value of the transaction, but if the value of the transaction under the selling Value of the tax Object (NJOP) then the pengenaannya is the NJOP.

For new homes, the nominal VAT charged by 10% of the selling price of the home. Based on the latest information, homes that are subject to VAT in the price above Rp36 million.

So, if you bought a new house in Depok for Rp400 Million, then the imposition of VAT is Rp40 million.

3 Stock Options most potential industrial area

When sectoral basis property business showed an increase in trend, so the real impact that we can do is to try to see where the potential for increasing our investment choices. Either invest either directly or through the mechanism of the stock.

And the industry is one sector of the property that is not a lot of players. So when makronya conditions showed signs of improvement, and the Government is likely to support the development of its business, then investors will become more easy to select a stock property in the industrial area, which is to be taken.

As we know, the last few months this Government seeks to stimulate the market in order to increase business in the property sector than the year 2015. From the start the decrease in SBI and LTV, until the enactment of the tax amnesty.

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From the policy, at least with reference to the Act No. 26 of 2007, article 20 paragraph 1 letter f which reads: National Spatial Plan contains directives control the utilization of the national area of space containing an indication of the direction of the national system of zoning regulations, landing permissions, referral incentives, disincentives, as well as referral and sanctions.

Direct effect of such policies is that the issue of land use for the area of industry no longer can be done inside the city, but must be located in the suburbs of Jakarta.

Reasonable if ultimately needs that are not accommodated in Jakarta arrested actively by the existing industrial area on the edge of Jakarta as the Jababeka industrial area, Delta Mas, Bekasi Fajar, and more.

Ellen May, Expert stock of Ellen May Institute explains, this condition in the real did make the owner shares the industrial area into one attractive option – not only for investors but also for businessmen who are keen to break into the business of industrial areas.

For the current stock market conditions for the property sector is not much different with that occurs in 2015, but the belief in improving the condition of the remains visible if refers to the movement of stocks which occur also on shares in the industrial sector.

Ellen exemplifying, from starting to stock The Jababeka (KIJA), although it is currently still in the price range of Rp296, but some time in the future ekspektasinya can touch the price of Rp 400.0.

Neither Bekasi Fajar Industrial Estate (BEST), which opened at a price of Rp304. Ellen believes that next year’s cost could reach at Rp500. Just as the Temple of the Delta Sustainably (DMAS), though as of new stock that is currently trading at a price range of Rp244, not cover possible in next year’s cost could reach Rp400.

But there are some things you should watch out for when investors or consumers want to buy stocks, particularly in the industrial sector. In addition to paying attention to the fundamentals of the company are measured from the stock price valuation, also owned landbanking industrial area. Also when a short term goal into the goal, then the information is up to date being the one thing that ought to be taken into account.

The third concerns the shares that have been articulated above, fundamentally clear stocks is quite interesting. The first industrial area its market capitalization of Rp Jababeka 6.12 T, with a p/e ratio of his 14.75.

Both Bekasi Fajar Industrian Estate has a market capitalization of Rp 93T 2, with a p/e of 10 as well as the third Temple of the Delta Sustainably based on data stockbitNews on 31 October 2016 corporate Japan origin, Sojitz Corp. acquired 1.2 billion shares (URBritama.com).

From there, then we can see what kind of magnitude of landbanking and development will be undertaken by the industrial area. Because even if the price is attractive but if landbanking of the area sedikt or no longer can be sure then the price development is happening on the stock gradually will fall, because investors do not see any positive expectations from the industrial area.