Apartment: The Investment Now Became a Suggestion and Promise!

Apartment: The Investment Now Became a Suggestion and Promise!

Do you know if modern lifestyle trends do not always make miserable? For example, call it the trend of living in a modern dwelling like an apartment. If you are observant, residential model like this you can make an investment loh!

“Utilizing the trend is a smart business choice!” Praised Mike Rini Sutikno, CFP, Financial Planner of the Partners of Education Plans (MRE). “You can make a profit without fearing the risk of losing investment from a business like this,” he added.

Certainly there are some advantages if you invest in an apartment (strata tittle) than a house (landed house). Let’s just say the location of the apartment is usually built in a strategic area, in contrast to the homes usually offered in the suburbs.

In addition, infrastructure or facilities provided by the developer on the apartment is clearly better such as security, sports facilities, cleanliness. And of course the level of occupancy was higher.

And according to Mike Rini, here are some cat rumah minimalis aspects that you must meet and understand that these investment options can meet a high commercial value.

Site selection

The preferred location of the apartment is located near the business center, or at least has easy access. Likewise with access in and out of and to the apartment environment. Remember, apartment enthusiasts are generally workers, professionals, and business people with high business activity.

Also know who your target market is. If targeting the expatriates, then understand first their habits and lifestyle. Generally they have a community and tend to live in adjacent neighborhoods.

Legal aspect

Completeness of apartment permit, such as block plan, preliminary permit, IMB, certificate of land (Hak Guna Bangunan or HGB).

Also read: How to Renew Certificate HGB Apartments

This is so that you avoid losses such as buying an apartment with a land ownership status that is not clear – so that the ownership status of purchased apartment units are not involved problems.


Such as gyms, sports facilities (tennis courts, swimming pool), restaurants and cafes, parking lots, parks, number of lifts, and so forth.

Property management

Apartment management or property management of the apartment greatly affects the services provided to residents and guests.

This management includes the quality of cleanliness, safety, and comfort during the stay in the apartment.


Adjust your apartment investment with your budget. Do not forget, allocate for notary fees and taxes. If you buy with credit, take the credit from a bank that has worked with the developer to make the administrative procedure more concise.

For rental of apartment units in full furnish condition, must also be provided funds to fill the interior room equipment.

The developer’s reputation

Relate to the level of confidence to complete the construction of his apartment.

The fact is; A number of apartments never completed by the developers. Likewise with the developer experience, will greatly determine the quality of the building of the apartment.

Return On Investment

What kind of return do you expect from your apartment investment. Since rental income is similar to interest income on deposit and bond coupon bonds, people usually use the deposit interest benchmark as the lowest benchmark.

But you can also expect higher ROI. The reason; Because apartment investment is long term (more than 5 years), so you can also use benchmark medium-and long-term government bond yields.

For example, if current deposits range from 6% p.a, and medium and long-term government bonds are 9% – 12%; Then you can peg your apartment investment ROI accordingly or slightly higher than that benchmark.

Next stay looking for an apartment that can provide potential ROI after your target.

Procedure to Increase Soil Girik So SHM

Procedure to Increase Soil Girik So SHM

An asset if not accompanied by proof of ownership may be declared invalid. Likewise applies to land.

In Indonesia, three common types of land certificates are known: Certificate of Property (SHM), Hak Guna Bangunan (HGB), and Hak Pakai (SHP). In addition to the three, there are also some people who pocketed ‘girik or petok’ as the status of the land.

Girik is not a certificate but a mark of land ownership under customary law. This ownership is not recorded in the land office. So, the soil is highly vulnerable to disputes.

Therefore, if at this time you just realized that the status of land ownership is still limited to the girik, you should immediately take the procedure applies to change it into Certificate of Property. You certainly do not want any problems overwrite in the future, right?

“For the problem of land girik, on the outline the terms and costs are relatively the same. It’s just that the difference is when it entered the stage of casuistry in the field, “said Shabir Rasend, staff of the National Land Agency (BPN).

“The requirements will follow the circumstances and light-weight cases, while the cost at the BPN remains the same. Each region must have a different land kasuistik, “he said.

As a mark of ownership, the gyrus can be used as a basis for applying for land rights, since basically land law in Indonesia is based on indigenous land law which is not written. This can be seen in Article 5 of the Basic Agrarian Law of 1960.

Apply for land registration

To change the status of the land of girik to Hak Milik, you as the applicant must go through a number of procedures at the local area BPN starting from:


Application forms that have been filled in and signed by the applicant or their proxies on a sufficient stamp
Power of Attorney if authorized
Copy of identity (KTP, KK) of the applicant and authorization if authorized, which has been matched to the original by the counter officer
Proof of ownership of customary land / property of customary property
Photocopy of SPPT PBB The current year which has been matched with the original by the counter officer and the submission of proof of SSB (BPHTB)
Attach proof of SSP / PPh in accordance with the provisions

Application form contains:

Personal identity
Area, location and use of the requested land
The land statement is not a dispute
Statement of land is physically controlled

Simulation of cost calculation for individual land in DKI Jakarta with area of ​​100M2 is as follows:

Measurement Fee: Rp124,000
Committee Cost: Rp354,000
Registration Fee: Rp50,000
Total Cost: Rp528.000

Procedures for the handling of proprietary certificates
Flow of application for certificate in BPN

Certificate creation

Once the application for acknowledgment of land registration is completed, you can go directly to the certificate-making stage.


Application forms that have been filled in and signed by the applicant or their proxies on a sufficient stamp
Power of Attorney if authorized
Copy of identity (KTP, KK) of the applicant and authorization if authorized, which has been matched to the original by the counter officer
Original Proof of land acquisition / Alas Hak
Original Letters of eviction and release of land and house (House of Gol III) or house purchased from the government
Photocopy of SPPT PBB The current year which has been matched to the original by the counter officer, the submission of proof of SSB (BPHTB) and proof of payment of income (at the time of registration of rights)
Attach proof of SSP / PPh in accordance with the provisions

38 (thirty eight) days to:
Agricultural land not more than 2 Ha

Non-agricultural land of no more than 2,000 m2

57 (fifty seven) days for:
Agricultural land of more than 2 Ha

Non-agricultural land area of ​​more than 2,000 m2 s.d. 5,000 m2

97 (ninety seven) days to:
Non-agricultural land area of ​​more than 5,000 m2


Excluding grace period of fulfillment of obligation of payment according to SK
Duration does not include the time required for the submission of files / documents from Kantah to Regional Office and BPN RI and vice versa

Tourism Places Which is Suitable Visited with Elf Microbus in Jogja

Some of the tourist destinations in Jogja arecannot be penetrated by large vehicles such as medium buses more over big bus. That is because some of the tourism objects are located within certain areas that forbidden to enter by bus and also it is because of its location is difficult to pass by a large vehicle because the road is narrow, full of steep climbs and winding. Therefore, the tourists caan choose to rent a vehicle such as Isuzu Elf that can directly visit the tourist spots without having to walk or change to other transportation. Which destinations that are suitable accessible by vehicles such as Isuzu Elf? Here’s a short explanation of us.

  1. Yogyakarta Palace

Yogyakarta Palace is an area that is forbidden to the bus. Buses no longer are allowed to enter this area so they had to park in the reserved places such as Ngabean Parking Area and Senopati ParkingArea. For travelers who bring a large group of course it will be difficult for them. They should change to other kind of transportation or walk to get to the palace. Due to these problems, many tourists decide to choose using the vehicle like Elf microbus to take them directly to the destination. By using this car, tourists do not need to bother changing the vehicle or on foot.

  1. Tamansari Water Castel

The next tourism object that suitable visited using Elf microbus is Tamansari Water Castel. This castle is the former resting place for royal family members of the Yogyakarta Palace. Because it is still in the palace area so the busesneed to be parked in the parking area. Just like the Yogyakarta Palace, tourists who use the bus should walk or use other vehicles such as riding a pedicab or horse cart or use the shuttle service. Once again, Elf microbus could be a solution for the tourists who want to visit this place.

  1. Kalibiru

The other destination that only be passed by a similar vehicle Elf microbus is Kalibiru Tourism Village. The tourist area has a disadvantage that the access road is difficult. The road to Kalibiru is impassable by vehicle type bus because the road is narrow. Moreover, to get to the top of the hill, the vehicle must climb the steep climbs and winding road. Therefore, the bus cannot go through this way. If there are tourists who use buses, they can rent a jeep or ride motorcycles to get to the destination. By using Elf microbus, this problem will be solved. Equipped with a powerful engine, this car proved capable of take tourists to the summit Kalibiru

That is the explanation abaout the tourism object that can be visited using Elf Microbus. There are still many other object that we’ll discuss in other occasions. Hopefully this article can be additional information as well as a reference for you.If you want to rent Elf microbus in Jogja you can search it in google with this key word: sewa Elf Jogja


Food criteria worth consumption

Hallo perusers! This time I need to examine about food worth devouring it like what the heck .. Really, what is protected food can diliat unmistakable aja plain? Many individuals believe that “protected” foods are devoured outwardly, while foods with physical changes don’t really show risky utilization. That is on the grounds that we as people stress and dread of the risks emerging from food harming. For more subtle elements, please allude to the accompanying clarification …

Harming is a malady that happens instantly after food utilization (food borne infections). Food harming can be brought about from pathogenic microscopic organisms that taint food. Food examination techniques that can be connected to distinguish the reason for harming is by lab testing to disengage and recognize sullying of pathogenic microscopic organisms that may exist in foodstuffs. By and large, food harming is brought on by pathogenic microbes Acetobacter, Clostridium, Salmonella, Escherichia, and others (BPOM, 2008).

As per BPOM (2003) in IRT Guidelines SK, food that is legitimate to expend is food that is in typical condition that is not veer off like spoiled, grimy, sickening and other deviation. While food is sheltered to eat is food that does not contain fixings that can imperil wellbeing, for example, substances that cause ailment or harming.

BPOM additionally clarifies in Food Safety for Self-Service Supermarket (2006), food debased by pathogenic microscopic organisms does not generally change shading, smell, and taste. In this way, food deserving of utilization can not be resolved outwardly either by the feeling of smell, and the feeling of sight.

As indicated by MOH RI (2006), food worth expending must meet the accompanying criteria:

  1. Be in the coveted level of development.
  2. Free from contamination at each phase of creation and consequent taking care of.
  3. Free from undesirable physical, synthetic changes, accordingly of enzymatic impacts, microbial exercises, rodents, creepy crawlies, and weight, cooking, and drying harm.
  4. Free from microorganisms and parasites that cause illness.

Exceptional Advice On Purchasing Jewelry That’s Right Foryou

Would you like to improve your clothing with effective bits of eye popping jewelry? Or even a jewelry item like a buddyis existing? It’s anticipated subsequently you will discover this short article of useful suggestions, utilize these ideas to begin.

This can lead to harm to both rocks and consume their enamel away.

A bit of jewelery may last you-your lifetime. While buying your jewelry product that is next, concentrate on purchasing a quality, making certain the bit you select is of highquality. A higher-quality bit of jewelry is likely to be well-made display exceptional design and. The jeweler ought to be ready to provide you with a brief history about the supply of the rocks and also the item, including who managed to get. It’s necessary to buy top quality if you like them to last quite a long time.

Pay shades of jewelry, white-gold or orange, and attention to the kinds the individual wears. This can offer you begin inside your look for jewelry for the loved one’s perfect product.

Before purchasing something usually request the jeweler about an insurance plan choices. In case your jewelry becomes broken, you find out when they may repair it and can consider it back! Insurance will be offered by some dealers for items that dropped or might have now been taken.

You need to put it on for some times to determine if it’s cozy and how it seems. This can also inform you the way the item is tough enough to last.

If you purchase jewelry consider rocks. The best rock match your character and may improve your complexion. Neutral-colored rocks works more straightforward to complement all of your wardrobe.

When you’re buying jewelry you’ll have to consider specific interest. There are of jewelery a reasonable quantity fixed in and never set in. ensure that you avoid the usage of chemicals and you wish to prevent dipping your jewelry. Dried with another fabric after which the easiest way to wash these items are to clean them clear having a comfortable moist cloth. This can create your jewelry appear boring.

Search for a product of jewelry that’s consistent with their apparel and lifestyle options when the person you’re searching for is just a distinctive person. A distinctive item to complement their character reveals imagination and consideration, also it exhibits them that they are cared about by you enough to purchase something to them that they will use.

Possess a use within brain for that jewelry you buy. You shouldn’t possess a container saturated in jewelry you will really use. With whenever choosing various items take into account the clothes you are able to use the jewelry.

The cut and understanding of a stone may appear better than the usual larger diamond of lower-quality. You have to consider who’s currently likely to obtain this band omdimas

You’ll have the ability to assess the worthiness of any jewelry that you’re contemplating purchasing should you may follow the guidelines and methods. Buying a quality bit of jewelry is just a transfer that is traditional you will appreciate for a long time.

For Tips And Guidelines On Jewelry You’ll Need, Read This

It could be really worth any jewelry you’re likely to purchase or market jewelery and obtain the absolute most from it to be completely researched by your while. This could ensure it is difficult to understand where you can start.

This could dull the steel of the item and also your rocks.

Jewelry is better saved within an air tight and damp region that was free. Moisture and atmosphere may tarnish of to tarnish materials. Rare metal jewelry could be refined to repair tarnish, but low- a unique shine is needed by rare metal.

For Tips And Guidelines On Jewelry You'll Need Read This

Before you’re purchasing together with your jewelry.There understand the variations between forms of gems are ostensibly three unique kinds: artificial natural jewels and organic. Artificial rocks are lab as the replica types are plastic that’s shaded created gems. Organic rocks are made up from the floor and artificial types are made in a laboratory.

Jewelry is definitely an expense that may last. A trustworthy jeweler is essential to guaranteeing you receive quality products whenever choosing the next bit of jewelry. A higher-quality bit of jewelry is likely to be well-made display exceptional design and. Request the jeweler concerning the background behind the item and find out more about who managed to get, such as the source of the rocks and also the producer. It’s essential that the items are top quality if you like it to be always a very long time.

Have a look that is close at a notch stone that is truly top, after which create the assessment to any others in your list. Be cautious of methods that some sellers uses techniques that are inexpensive to create a stone search much better than it’s.

Give consideration when they often wear every other common jewelry, and men or ring earrings, dimensions they use. This can be a great concept when buying that unique product of how to start.

Maintain your jewelry free from tarnish to create it appear its look that is greatest. Do not use jewelry from water. If it’s subjected to it also frequently water may cause some kinds of steel. Cover it thinly with nailpolish should you should consider your jewelry someplace moist.

If you are purchasing jewelry think about the rocks. The gem you select create a declaration about your rocks and must use your tone works nicely with any ensemble inside your apparel.

If you should be searching for a person who enjoys distinctive bits of jewelry, contemplate selecting a one-of-a-kind item designed especially for them. There is, which a distinctive band precisely what you wish to convey to some person you care going to purchase jewelry for hargapromosupermarket

Before investing in what is, determined by a gem . You’ll need to choose take care of your jewelry’s kind based on its therapy.

While you study below, it requires a good deal of work, study and function to purchase or offer jewelry. By performing and understanding these things all, it’ll be more straightforward to learn market or how to purchase any bit of jewelry. You may be successful if you are using these recommendations!

All You Need To Understand About Searching For Jewelry

Listed here are about just how to choose the best jewelery for almost any kind of lady several tips.

This could dull the steel of the item and also your rocks.

You need to browse around for that newest developments before you consider choosing up fresh jewelry. The one thing that may create picking a fresh bit of jewelry out is in the event that you have it in a discount.

Before purchasing something check always together with your jeweler about plan. If you’re able to get insurance, you also have it fixed and can return it towards the supply. Insurance is actually offered by some dealers on items that taken or have been stolen.

All You Need To Understand About Searching For Jewelry

How should be carefully considered by you to care of one’s jewelry. A method that’s efficient for steel or one stone might damage another rock. Whenever you don’t understand how to keep your products request a jeweler.

If you should be obtaining jewelry for somebody you think about to become one-of-a-kind, try getting a unique item that’s designed especially for them. A distinctive band, also it exhibits them that they are cared about by you enough to purchase something to them that they will use.

While marketing jewelry on the web, be sure you provide it within the best method that is possible. Since clients can’t manage the jewelry within an online deal this really is very crucial.

A great clap is essential to any type of band or bracelet. Without something which is strong, your costly or string, chain rock reaches risk for reduction. You could have a security hold on any current item that’ll need extra safety. Some choose for three or two clasps on the invaluable bits of jewelry so they remain protected during use.

Chlorine is just a substance that is powerful also your jewelry can be damaged by it. Salt-water is similarly harmful with time. Getting these off before you move maintain it searching stunning for a long time in the future and may safeguard their elegance.

Connect this equipment towards the inside your wardrobe doorway or in your room wall, and ornament bracelets in-compatible groups.This across them could make your room appear more fashionable and retains stores from tangling in the same period.

The high-price of buying gold could be a barrier to possessing that item you actually desire.A 18-karat item is made up of at least 75-percent of real platinum, that has been regarded the very best mixture of cost and quality.

Do not use a outfit to match.Try sporting an easy or solid-color to create focus on jewelery if you should be sporting an easy ensemble.

If you should be a jewelry-maker who offers at such, vacation areas and art festivals, you have to show it to its greatest impact. You need to make sure to contemplate shows which are innovative when you’re searching for supplies to create your jewelry. A myriad of shelves, cigar, such as for example containers – even oddball such things as wig stands and containers could be changed with slightly imagination into jewelry displays!

Jewelry is nearly constantly an ideal present for that one you like while you today recognize. Preferably, you may study from the guidance you have simply acquired and start to become only a little wiser when you create the next jewelry- choice that is associated.

Commenting On Contractor Vault Enamel

Commenting On Contractor Vault Enamel

The dome of the mosque basically can be made of two materials. That is, clay or concrete and enamel. Do you know what is it enamel? Most people now prefer contractor Vault enamel. The enamel is mild steel. Unlike the case with clay or concrete, the dome made of materials of clay or concrete will be very much stronger patents, and no doubt also sturdy. Concrete or clay had a level of durability and sturdiness that is extremely powerful if exposed to water, fire, etc. However, to build a dome of the mosque was made from materials of clay or concrete are also badly in need of funds and charges that are very, very big with pendisainan building construction that harga kubah masjid galvalum is not arguably easier. If the dome is made of clay and concrete materials that is arguably heavily, then automatically the dome made of the concrete runways have to be extra Foundation is very strong. Because when hit by the earthquake, has guncanagan risk to collapse and cracks in the Foundation is not solid and strong. Then in the event of a leak, a dome of clay or concrete will also be tough on the patched the leaking well and perfectly.

It is not just as a dome made of clay or concrete, the dome of the mosque which is usually made with Enamel or Galvalum has a very light weight. So with that is, the installation of the dome of the Enamel or Galvalum no longer requires a foundation that has to be extra strong. And the risk of damage that will be caused in the event of a disaster such as an earthquake would also be relatively smaller. The Contractor any enamel Vault now diversifying her motive.

Well, the discussion of contractor Vault enamel on the article this time. Hopefully this article helpful to you all. Don’t forget to share this article to your colleagues as there is no harm in sharing our knowledge to each other. If not could you guys please share your knowledge to this article.

Some Model Vault

Some Model Vault

Indonesia is an archipelago country which has a population of quite a lot. Residents living in Indonesia are also varied and have different customs. In addition the majority of residents of muslim Indonesia. No stranger anymore if any city even corners of the village stands the mosque with its own character and design. The mosques are equipped with porch, ornaments, towers, calligraphy and the dome of the mosque. The dome of the mosque is itself a physical based from the mosque becomes a marker. For most harga kubah masjid enamel people a building known as the mosque seen from there whether the dome above the mosque.

The dome of the mosque is also like a human head that became a symbol of grandeur and high degrees. The model of the dome of the mosque of the majority setengan-shaped circles with the tip pointed at it, the colors chosen in the manufacture of the dome of the mosque, an average of yellow, green and blue. Of course until now the Muslims are always trying to widen and make renovations on mosques, so that pilgrims felt comfortable in beribadahnya.

The design of the vault makes a different mosque in Indonesia. In rural areas many mosques are found with the model of traditional-style vault and Vault diperkotaan designed semenawan possible and costs that are not the responsibility-responsibility. For example, there stands a mosque of the golden dome that has gold-plated domes up to its name. The great mosque of Istiqlal with most in Indonesia has a large Mosque Domes and minarets towering works of famous artists.

The origins of the vault was adopted from the Christian Nations of the form for, look at the time of the Messenger of Allah that the mosque at that time have absolutely no dome and simple shape. But over time the model Vault designed by experts with a charming style. Mosques in Spain generally have a model of the dome of the arrow crossed the space under the dome on the part where there are lines to bump into each other and form a geometric pattern of squares as if forming a star as there is in the great mosque of Cordoba. Unfortunately the majority of the non-muslim population of Spain so that the great mosque of Cordoba switch functions as a church. Great Spanish residents in no way remove wall decoration and ornament in the form of calligraphy and the Muslims there do worship at the mosque in a narrow corridor.

The model of the dome of the mosque and the dome of the mosque is applied to many berumbi. The vault-like form parts of the ball with the bottom slightly elongated and tapered ends is made imply the grandeur of the mosque. Not rarely also found some of the dome of the mosque are visible on ancient buildings in the shape of a square base and has order angle and surface areas of curvature. The model of the dome of the mosque is indeed diverse and becoming its own color.

Any development looks interesting views of the dome of the mosque are plentiful right now not only see its original function as a distinctive Mosque but has occasionally mendecakkan aesthetic admiration. Much of the architecture are adopting styles of Middle Eastern or traditional Javanese with tapered end of it while the lower base shrinking as the base of the onion. Any model of the dome of the mosque, which carried the main purpose of the mosque is the merging of the Muslims as a place for worship and expected intensity of muslim worship. As majestic as his magnificent mosque will look wonderful if filled many of the pilgrims who made the mosque alive. So the mosque with the beautiful dome does not feel useless when built it.

Waterfall Talempong Situbondo tourism destination new

Waterfall Talempong Situbondo tourism destination new

Talempong waterfall in the village of Talempong, Situbondo, East Java, to become a new tourist destination on holiday weekends the local community as well as outside the region.

“The falls in district Banyuglugur Talempong, that are familiar to most people whose main community Situbondo due to be one of the natural attractions that exist in the Western region,” said the head of Tourism, youth, and sports (Disparpora) Government of Situbondo, Situbondo, Basuki in weeks.

He suggested attractions Waterfalls Talempong is still quite naturally and therefore the County Government will continue to promote the natural waterfall.

In the fiscal year 2018, he said, Tourism will have budgeted development attractions waterfalls, such as providing support facilities around the waterfall.

Some of the facilities need to be built, he continued, among them resting place along the road towards the village tourist sites that visitors can enjoy the natural scenery and other supporting means on site tour.

“For this year we (District) is still the focus of doing the development of Reservoir tourism objects in Bajulmati, district Banyuputih and sights a Tampora Beach also exists in Banyuglugur Subdistrict,” he said.

Meanwhile, one of the local tourist visitors Situbondo, Irwan, says that in developing nature tourism there has to be a priority because the measures of improvement of local Government must be done progressively.

According to him, tour of waterfalls in the area west of Situbondo that its potential is great, so local governments are expected to take immediate concrete steps the main tourist promotion and development of the road infrastructure.

“In the promotion of tourism is indeed not just the task of the Government, but will require compactness and the support of various elements and local governments should play a role in providing support facilities,” he said.