Know The Term Of This Agreement When To Buy A Residential

Know The Term Of This Agreement When To Buy A Residential

At the time of buying a dwelling, you would be more often heard the terms around the sale and purchase agreement starting from the Sale and Purchase Agreement (PPJB), Sale and Purchase Agreement (PJB) and Deed of Sale and Purchase (AJB).

For those of you who first time buyer or first time to buy a house, the three terms can be quite ‘foreign’ heard. But unfortunately, if you underestimate the terms, it can be fatal consequences.

Why? Because, in the three terms are clearly taman minimalis between the rights and obligations, both for consumers and developers (sellers). And if you really do not understand it, fearing it could harm you as a consumer.

In this article, Ru will describe the terms of the important agreement when going to buy residential both houses and apartments. Here’s the review:

Sale and Purchase Agreement (PPJB)

The first agreement is PPJB. The purpose of this PPJB as a temporary binder, when making AJB official in the presence of Official Deed Official (PPAT). In short, PPJB is the content of the seller’s agreement to bind itself to selling to the buyer along with the signing or ‘down payment’ based on the agreement.

Typically, the manufacture of PPJB is made when the price payment is not extensive. The contents listed on the PPJB include price, when the repayment time, and the provision made AJB.

According to Ferly Firmansyah, marketing supervisor of PT. Barokah Propertindo Mandiri, important points on the PPJB include the object of binding of sale and purchase, liabilities and guarantees of the seller, the obligations for the buyer, and the content of the sale and purchase binding agreement in accordance with the government’s decision.

Binding Sale and Purchase (PJB)

The second is the Sale and Purchase Bid (PJB). This Agreement explains the agreement between the seller to sell his property to the buyer made by notarial deed.

The existence of PJB is actually helping consumers if they want to sell their property for certain reasons, such as not paid off property payments.

Ferly describes that PJB is known to be two kinds of PJB paid and PJB is not paid off. PJB keel explained transactions on the object of sale and purchase that is outside the notary work area or PPAT in question.

“While the PJB is not paid when the payment of the purchase price has not been fully paid by the seller. On the PJB is not paid off, the things listed include the amount of the advance paid at the signing of the certificate of PJB, the manner or term of payment, when repayment, and sanctions are given, “he added.

Deed of Sale and Purchase (AJB)

Last is the Deed of Sale and Purchase (AJB). This Agreement is an authentic deed created and issued by the PPATK. The goal, as a transfer of rights to land and buildings.

“The rules of manufacture of AJB is standard, because it refers to the Regulation of Head of National Land Agency no. 8 of 2012 on Land Registry. One of the conditions AJB can be made, if all taxes arising from the sale and purchase has been paid entirely by the parties who are obliged, “explained Ferly.

Later after AJB is accepted, you can perform the ‘reverse stage’ by applying for the transfer of rights to the local land office. If the process of ‘behind the name’ is completed, then the rights to land and buildings have moved from the seller to the buyer.

Apartment: The Investment Now Became a Suggestion and Promise!

Apartment: The Investment Now Became a Suggestion and Promise!

Do you know if modern lifestyle trends do not always make miserable? For example, call it the trend of living in a modern dwelling like an apartment. If you are observant, residential model like this you can make an investment loh!

“Utilizing the trend is a smart business choice!” Praised Mike Rini Sutikno, CFP, Financial Planner of the Partners of Education Plans (MRE). “You can make a profit without fearing the risk of losing investment from a business like this,” he added.

Certainly there are some advantages if you invest in an apartment (strata tittle) than a house (landed house). Let’s just say the location of the apartment is usually built in a strategic area, in contrast to the homes usually offered in the suburbs.

In addition, infrastructure or facilities provided by the developer on the apartment is clearly better such as security, sports facilities, cleanliness. And of course the level of occupancy was higher.

And according to Mike Rini, here are some cat rumah minimalis aspects that you must meet and understand that these investment options can meet a high commercial value.

Site selection

The preferred location of the apartment is located near the business center, or at least has easy access. Likewise with access in and out of and to the apartment environment. Remember, apartment enthusiasts are generally workers, professionals, and business people with high business activity.

Also know who your target market is. If targeting the expatriates, then understand first their habits and lifestyle. Generally they have a community and tend to live in adjacent neighborhoods.

Legal aspect

Completeness of apartment permit, such as block plan, preliminary permit, IMB, certificate of land (Hak Guna Bangunan or HGB).

Also read: How to Renew Certificate HGB Apartments

This is so that you avoid losses such as buying an apartment with a land ownership status that is not clear – so that the ownership status of purchased apartment units are not involved problems.


Such as gyms, sports facilities (tennis courts, swimming pool), restaurants and cafes, parking lots, parks, number of lifts, and so forth.

Property management

Apartment management or property management of the apartment greatly affects the services provided to residents and guests.

This management includes the quality of cleanliness, safety, and comfort during the stay in the apartment.


Adjust your apartment investment with your budget. Do not forget, allocate for notary fees and taxes. If you buy with credit, take the credit from a bank that has worked with the developer to make the administrative procedure more concise.

For rental of apartment units in full furnish condition, must also be provided funds to fill the interior room equipment.

The developer’s reputation

Relate to the level of confidence to complete the construction of his apartment.

The fact is; A number of apartments never completed by the developers. Likewise with the developer experience, will greatly determine the quality of the building of the apartment.

Return On Investment

What kind of return do you expect from your apartment investment. Since rental income is similar to interest income on deposit and bond coupon bonds, people usually use the deposit interest benchmark as the lowest benchmark.

But you can also expect higher ROI. The reason; Because apartment investment is long term (more than 5 years), so you can also use benchmark medium-and long-term government bond yields.

For example, if current deposits range from 6% p.a, and medium and long-term government bonds are 9% – 12%; Then you can peg your apartment investment ROI accordingly or slightly higher than that benchmark.

Next stay looking for an apartment that can provide potential ROI after your target.

Procedure to Increase Soil Girik So SHM

Procedure to Increase Soil Girik So SHM

An asset if not accompanied by proof of ownership may be declared invalid. Likewise applies to land.

In Indonesia, three common types of land certificates are known: Certificate of Property (SHM), Hak Guna Bangunan (HGB), and Hak Pakai (SHP). In addition to the three, there are also some people who pocketed ‘girik or petok’ as the status of the land.

Girik is not a certificate but a mark of land ownership under customary law. This ownership is not recorded in the land office. So, the soil is highly vulnerable to disputes.

Therefore, if at this time you just realized that the status of land ownership is still limited to the girik, you should immediately take the procedure applies to change it into Certificate of Property. You certainly do not want any problems overwrite in the future, right?

“For the problem of land girik, on the outline the terms and costs are relatively the same. It’s just that the difference is when it entered the stage of casuistry in the field, “said Shabir Rasend, staff of the National Land Agency (BPN).

“The requirements will follow the circumstances and light-weight cases, while the cost at the BPN remains the same. Each region must have a different land kasuistik, “he said.

As a mark of ownership, the gyrus can be used as a basis for applying for land rights, since basically land law in Indonesia is based on indigenous land law which is not written. This can be seen in Article 5 of the Basic Agrarian Law of 1960.

Apply for land registration

To change the status of the land of girik to Hak Milik, you as the applicant must go through a number of procedures at the local area BPN starting from:


Application forms that have been filled in and signed by the applicant or their proxies on a sufficient stamp
Power of Attorney if authorized
Copy of identity (KTP, KK) of the applicant and authorization if authorized, which has been matched to the original by the counter officer
Proof of ownership of customary land / property of customary property
Photocopy of SPPT PBB The current year which has been matched with the original by the counter officer and the submission of proof of SSB (BPHTB)
Attach proof of SSP / PPh in accordance with the provisions

Application form contains:

Personal identity
Area, location and use of the requested land
The land statement is not a dispute
Statement of land is physically controlled

Simulation of cost calculation for individual land in DKI Jakarta with area of ​​100M2 is as follows:

Measurement Fee: Rp124,000
Committee Cost: Rp354,000
Registration Fee: Rp50,000
Total Cost: Rp528.000

Procedures for the handling of proprietary certificates
Flow of application for certificate in BPN

Certificate creation

Once the application for acknowledgment of land registration is completed, you can go directly to the certificate-making stage.


Application forms that have been filled in and signed by the applicant or their proxies on a sufficient stamp
Power of Attorney if authorized
Copy of identity (KTP, KK) of the applicant and authorization if authorized, which has been matched to the original by the counter officer
Original Proof of land acquisition / Alas Hak
Original Letters of eviction and release of land and house (House of Gol III) or house purchased from the government
Photocopy of SPPT PBB The current year which has been matched to the original by the counter officer, the submission of proof of SSB (BPHTB) and proof of payment of income (at the time of registration of rights)
Attach proof of SSP / PPh in accordance with the provisions

38 (thirty eight) days to:
Agricultural land not more than 2 Ha

Non-agricultural land of no more than 2,000 m2

57 (fifty seven) days for:
Agricultural land of more than 2 Ha

Non-agricultural land area of ​​more than 2,000 m2 s.d. 5,000 m2

97 (ninety seven) days to:
Non-agricultural land area of ​​more than 5,000 m2


Excluding grace period of fulfillment of obligation of payment according to SK
Duration does not include the time required for the submission of files / documents from Kantah to Regional Office and BPN RI and vice versa