3 important things While Hanging Plants at home

3 important things While Hanging Plants at home

Tired of styling your garden with just a pot-in-pot rack? Or pot-a pot placed on the edge of the terrace? Try the pot design differently, for example by hanging. When this untried way, children will get a view and refreshing new impression. The facade of the House also will be more vibrant because of the presence of various plant pot with them. Because, hang the potted plants can not only performed at the garden, the terrace or the outskirts of the front of the House is also a place of interest.

Before starting to move the existing plants or planting new plants in tukang taman surakarta¬†pots, it’s good to note all things related to it. The goal, to make the pot can become a good “home” while decorating for the garden and home. Most importantly, the plant can continue to grow without much interference. Eager to be tried? This is it.

Note The Material

The pot or basket for plants can originate from many materials, such as wood, wire, or in the form of matting. Now, the pot-a pot hanging also dikreasikan of the many used items, such as bottles, cans, amartur lights, or even a bucket. All of the materials and the used items can be used, just consider the plant rooting systems also will be planted. Plants with large roots need a spacious pot accompanied depth.

In addition, note also the material used to hang pots. Make sure the material is strong and pylons or nail quite solidly hold the load. Keep in mind, that the plants will be more severe in case of wet or after flushing than when his planting medium dry. Therefore, estimate that material and hanger cantelannya able to hang plants though in case of wet.


Select Botanicals

The selected plants can be your favorite plants or plants with beautiful colored flowers. In addition, one of the beauties of hang plants flower or leaf scenery is growing dangle down. Plants such as purslane (Portulaca oleracea) and thunbergia (Thunbergia gradiflora) can be used as an option when you are interested in presenting such display in the home or garden.

Transplanting Plants

Prepare any purpose including pots and plants, then specify the place. Afterwards, you can start planting herbs in pots that are new! You can use the media for planting moss to the bottom of the pot before entering the soil and plants. The MOSS can hold soil and plants while providing good drainage for plants. However, first soak the moss in water, drain, then soak again briefly with a fungicide.

When the pot is made of wire, you can check the humidity planting media simply by touching it from the bottom of the pot. If not it could be from the bottom, check out kelembapannya from the top of the soil. Keep the humidity of plants with even soaked it when the media began sow dry.

New building in France would be Roofed plants or solar panels

New building in France would be Roofed plants or solar panels

A new rule has been passed by the Parliament of France. Now, all new buildings within the commercial zones in the country would have to cover the roof with plants or solar panels. However, the environmental aktivitis demanded that the regulations actually France enacted for all types of new buildings. The Government of France then convinced them to restrict regulations for commercial buildings.

This rule also does not force the old buildings that already exist to cover part of its roof with plants or solar panels. However, this rule is itself a advancement for France who had been left behind from other European countries, such as Germany, Italy, or Spain in terms of the development of solar power. Not only Europe that cares for the environment, the city of Toronto, Canada in 2009 also requires industrial building or residence should have a green roof. So any with Sydney, Australia who has proposed initiatives to implement more roof with plants.

The presence of solar panels in the roof or plants can tukang taman minimalis indeed bring many benefits. Solar panels could provide electrical power is needed so as to save expenditure. While green roofs not only gives an attractive appearance to the building, but also other benefits such as the existence of an effect of isolation which makes the reduced the energy needed to heat or cool the building upon with the season underway. The plant can also act as a filter and reduce air pollution. The birds also have a place for resting at once gave access for citizens to enjoy the scenery of green in the middle of the city.

Trees and greenery in addition to making home becomes cool, can give you inner balance to its inhabitants. “Plants can have an impact on the health and improve morale. Each week put fresh flowers in your House, this could help the circulation of energy in the House Sally Fretwell clear. “in her book of Feng Shui: Back to Balance (2002).

A Great Way To Take Care Of Aloe Vera

A Great Way To Take Care Of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera or known by the name of Aloe Vera is one of the types of plants that can be cultivated into plants and herbs rich in benefits. The ability to live and grow well in arid climate makes this African plants can be planted anywhere with a simple treatment.

However, there are a few things to look out for on its growth, such as discoloration of the leaves or the leaf loss. Both problems are usually caused by improper drainage or extreme weather such as the intensity of the sunlight and rain. To find out how to care for an Aloe Vera plant right, tipsnya.

Use the dry land

Use the dry land to plant Aloe Vera. It would be better if you mix the soil with sand, perlit or pumice. Then give it fertilizer so that the plant thrives


Don’t get too much water the Aloe Vera plant. Because these plants have fleshy leaves which are able to store water. So the excess watering at risk causing plants so foul. You are quite even soaked it once a day or if the soil looks dry already.

The intensity of the Sun’s light

Aloe Vera is a plant that can grow in indoor or outdoor area for getting enough sunlight. However, avoid putting Aloe Vera on the area that gets sunlight is very powerful because it can damage the leaves. Exposure to direct sunlight may make a scaly leaves and changed color to orange.

Dressing Pots

Choose a pot that is wide and deep to accommodate the growth of the leaves and shoots of Aloe Vera. Healthy Aloe Vera has many buds. Well, if the pot is not sufficient anymore, immediately replace the pot. Don’t let the new shoots grow from 10 cm because the energy will suck from the parent tree.