Commemorate The Day National Pigeon Batik Launches Milk Bottle Beautiful Batik Motif

Commemorate The Day National Pigeon Batik Launches Milk Bottle Beautiful Batik Motif

Realizing the importance of exclusive BREAST MILK for infants, Pigeon contributing so that the baby is still getting the BREAST MILK and can suckle naturally, even if the mother cannot give BREAST MILK directly to her baby, for example, while it is working. And this year, to coincide with the National day of Batik, Pigeon launches design batik patterned bottles.

“We are adding products batik design Pigeon, because as an international brand, Pigeon care about the local culture by introducing early on,” Said Anis Dwinastiti, General Manager of Marketing Division.

Pigeon not only issuing products batik patterned bottles, but also to educate about the philosophy of the four motifs that are launched. Gurdo philosophy means a trust given to making hope a reality. Peony motifs depict loyalty and love, chrysanthemum motif as a symbol of love, while the Swirl is the future of the plant, which means as a life that is always growing.

The spirit of Pigeon in addition to popularize batik, also in line with the spirit of the World Alliance for Breastfeeding that 2015 is the theme of the campaign “breastfeeding and Work.” This campaign aims to promosi alfamart support women who are working can still give BREAST MILK exclusively to her baby. Based on surveys of the Central Bureau of statistics (BPS) 2014, the number of female labor force Indonesia continues to increase each year. Now, 94 percent of the population in between working, 38 percent are female workers with a total of 43.3 million. “We are aware of the large number of women working, particularly in big cities, so that under certain conditions can not give her BREAST MILK directly. Then the Pigeon is committed to perform a series of research to develop one of the tools that can be used to provide BREAST MILK if the mother cannot give BREAST MILK directly into her baby, so that the baby can drink BREAST MILK naturally “said Anis.

Bottle products batik patterned from Pigeon guaranteed its security because it uses ink Food Contact Grade. In addition, this product has gone through various studies in the research center of Pigeon “Joso Laboratory” of Japan. This study involves experts from various universities in Japan, which continued to design a baby breastfeeding dot so naturally and still get BREAST MILK even though mother was working and not able to provide BREAST MILK directly to her baby.

More than 50 years, Pigeon continued to develop research on the development of the baby’s mouth and jaw as well as consistently continues to study the “sucking behavior in infants”. In addition to getting a quality product, the public can also participate in CSR programs Pigeon which give a part of the proceeds to finance its batik patterned bottle cleft lip surgeries to toddlers-toddler lucky through Foundation Grants Children Sekar Mlatti.

Come on mother, complete collection of milk bottles at home with a bottle of the latest motifs of the Pigeon. And, don’t forget to still give BREAST MILK exclusively for the little Yes.

Tips on Shopping Frugally Atiqah Hasiholan the meticulous and ala

Woman and shopping is two things are almost inseparable. Shopping stress reliever so even for some women. As a celebrity is certainly not difficult to issue budget shopping considering their income large enough even to shop for branded goods. But apparently this is not true for Atiqah Hasiholan. Offered by the railway (12/10), he was willing to reveal promo giant style.

Atiqah reveals that he is not the type of woman who likes to spend money when shopping. If most women usually do not stand the temptation of discounted or sale scattered in shopping malls, Atiqah thus able to hold back Ladies. Atiqah is not the type who likes to hungry eyes and more give precedence to his needs.

“I’m shopping according to needs. For example buy kayaking bags, I can select which combined contrasted what I wear. I need shopping wrote “he said.

Atiqah also claimed that he is not a woman who neko-neko. While it is indeed always manage to look beautiful and stunning but she is not the woman who crazy shopping. He is also quite picky and wise in buying something. Atiqah always buying goods that have a basic model so easily subject to various events.

“I like the color of the bag to buy basic kayaking black, white, Brown. So fitting is used for the fashion show with a party or casual, can balance, “he said.

Atiqah ever claimed that he had no special budget each month. He just needed something while shopping. Well, it turns out that’s not the type of extravagant Atiqah ya Ladies. Salut deh, if a type female Ladies ‘ own hobby shopping or save money and voters anyway?

Research Brigham Young University shows that women who wear high heels when shopping turns tend to make decisions more wisely and can suppress spending in a balanced way.

Women who wear high heels shoes will tend to choose the products that are in the middle range of their budget. This lady will select the appropriate financial items than buying an expensive item. This is because when someone wears heels they are attempting to maintain their physical balance. This indirectly makes them issue a decision which is also balanced.

So Shopping Was Not In Vain, You Can Discover About When Grocery Sports

Want while shopping to traditional markets, or to the mall while shopping, view of women with heavy shopping on both sides of his hands already very, very reasonable. Heavy hell ye indeed, but often do so gladly, because all the while a sport right?

Well, it’s not entirely true, Ladies. But also not completely wrong, you do the right movements, exemplified this

Seimbangkan The Body Of The First
First, stand upright, with your stomach and back in a straight position Yes. And put both hands on the side of the body, while both carry the groceries with the same weight.
Rotate-Rotate The Shoulder Yuk
Move your arms and shoulders with a pattern of play. So first, lift the arm upward, and then push the elbow into the back. Lower again, then lift as the original motion. Repeat this movement as much as 10 times, Ladies. If it is, repeat with the opposite direction Yes.
Easy right? He said, this movement will shape back into a more beautiful, Ladies.

But yeah, anyway, it’s weird if you do it in the middle of the market or mall. But for the sake of health, only legitimate lho, hihi. Or if you’re shy, do it after you got home Yes. Happy exercising!

Shopping and women indeed are the two inseparable Ladies. Also not a few women who eventually so shoppaholic and cannot live without shopping. Discount party time any woman could not refrain from the temptation to this one. Well, but don’t worry Ladies, there’s one tip that is worth you try to resolve this. You could try wearing high heels. Wow, how can it be anyway?

More so that you can control your spending and more saving, wear high heels while shopping! This suggestion may sound a little strange, but according to the latest research results this trick proved successful.

Five Key Tips For Practical Assessment

Five Key Tips For Practical Assessment

Practical Assessment is often required as part of the process of interviewing for a job as a teacher or instructor. This is a common process in which you usually will take a small group of kemampuanmu with teaching and demonstrating. Don’t be nervous. Practical assessment reflect what you will do everyday if you get a job, so consider the opportunity to show clearly what you can do.

Five tips to prepare for the practical assessment?

First of all find out the size of your group will be teaching and age and ability. This will make Your lesson planning to assess practical much easier, though not essential. The employer may want to see how well you can improvise.
While giving lessons, don’t get too caught up in the fact that it was assessed. Just focus on all the things that make a good lesson.
Be friendly and positive with the pupils and try to provide individual feedback to everyone in the group as the lesson progresses.
Show kecintaanmu to teach with enthusiasm, smiley and active, giving a lot of visual signs of positive feedback as a thumbs up. You try to make it as fun lessons possible.
Finally, remember this is a lesson so the pupils try to improve. Show errors and aims to improve them to show your knowledge of the techniques of good swimming.


Swimming Is Good For Health

Therefore sport swimming well to keep one’s physical fitness. Swimming jasa perawatan kolam renang movements can cause the muscles of the body the occurrence of stretch, so that the muscles of the body becomes elastic. Swimming is useful also to establish strength, durability or explosive power of the body, the muscles of the body. For the people who allegedly physical injury, as well as the movement is limited, including the swimming pool is the perfect sport to maintain body fitness. Swimming is useful to health, through the health pool will remain preserved in fact can prevent and cure disease. Such as asthma sufferers can be cured through the swimming pool because of muscle respiratory muscles become elastic so that it is more functional.

Sprint Swim Tips According To James Gibson

When we’re looking for tips on swimming sprint for Hubs we thought we would ask former 50 m breaststroke world champion James Gibson to share some of his secrets. So here there are six steps sprint is lightning-fast.

Tips 1. Less Is More

In preparation for the big competition, make sure you taper. Drop-down kontraktor pembuat kolam renang distance set and session-you can even try cutting one of your session if you swim several times a week. Not a set of 100, switched to 75s or 50s, focuses on a sharp short bursts of speed.

Tip 2. The Bigger The Better

Make yourself stronger in the gym. This is more of a long-term plan, not in a couple of weeks before the competition because you do not want to be a strained muscle ahead of the big day.

For the sprint events, focus on your core muscles (this exercise is a good start) and arms and shoulders (try this exercise gym).

Tips 3. Slow Down Every Breath You Take

Breathe, but do it as little as possible. Every time you take a breath, especially in the freestyle race, will cost you precious milliseconds that can be used in powering through the water.

Practice your ability to hold your breath during the maximal efforts to swim. Also, take a few deep breaths before the race to help oxygenate the blood.

Tips 4. You Can Run

In truth, a little mistake in your technique will be very expensive for the overall performance because of the short races. It is usually the most efficient swimmer with the best technique will touch the wall first.

You drop your legs? How to recovery your arm? In the sprint race, even the smallest tweaks to techniques you can knock the precious tenths of your time.

Tip 5. Get Pumped

Psychology itself up, felt a rush of energy and by the pool, be nervous and excited, and ready to swim like you’re being chased by a pack of hungry piranhas.

You’re about to leave everything in the pool without remorse and you want your fast-twitch muscle fibers to answer the call.

Tips 6. Nutrition, Nutrition

The recovery of the muscles is very important in leading up to the competition so it makes sense with your diet. Eating a mixture of protein and carbs after a workout/pool sessions then do not mix up things too much around the competition.

No need to go overboard with the pasta the night before. Just eat something familiar and keep your blood sugar levels stable.

The morning of the competition, eat something easy to digest and give yourself plenty of time to get up before the race

Understanding the conditions that Make Kim Kardashian Prohibited pregnant again

Understanding the conditions that Make Kim Kardashian Prohibited pregnant again

After the North and Saint, couples socialite Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in fact want to have any more children. But the latest report calling Kim prohibited pregnant again by the doctor.

According to US Weekly, this ban comes as Kim is rumored to have experienced preeklampsia complication of high blood pressure during pregnancy.

In another article in the NY Daily News also called Kim to be ‘ closed shops ‘ due to her pregnancy would be very risky. Moreover, the two previous pregnancies have been quite damaging to the body.

This fact also told Kim in full via the official website,. Preeklampsia experienced Kim when it contains North or Saint. But thanks to the guidance of the doctor, Kim successfully gave birth to two healthy and happy.
The conditions experienced by Kim proved that preeklampsia that occurs in pregnancy can be repeated again. As with any articulated Dr. Gumilar Erza, SpOG Khanisyah of the PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL Dr. Sutomo Surabaya.

History of preeklampsia on a previous pregnancy is one of the risks of the occurrence of preeklampsia in the next pregnancy.

“This means the risk persists, alias could happen again,” said Dr. Erza to detikHealth some time ago.

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In General, the preeklampsia usually occurs in the first pregnancy, primarily at the gestational age of 20 weeks. Blood pressure which then triggers a preeklampsia is more than 140/90 mmHg.

Dr. Erza adds, there are three main symptoms that appear as preeklampsia indicators, namely hypertension, increased protein in the urine and swelling of the legs. But Dr. Erza says, the three main symptoms is now not merely appeared on a mother with preeklampsia.

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It’s just that in the case of Kim, he claimed to experience swelling in the feet, a very bad stomach cramps every time. “My blood pressure was also slightly higher, and there is protein in my urine. Both are indications of preeklampsia, “he said in the promo clip of Keeping Up with The Kardashians some time ago.

In fact, Kim chose to obey the suggestion of his doctor. “If two doctors who I trust tells me not to get pregnant again, I’ll listen to it,” he said.

His plan, he will ask one of the sisters, whether it’s Khloe or Kourtney for being a surrogate mother for prospective third child or adopt one child again.